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Lucrative opportunities in a high-growth market with an industry-leading IoT solution provider

Businesses are quickly recognizing the significant value of incorporating IoT technology into their operations to track and monitor their fleets, heavy equipment and high value assets. The increased visibility allows them to quickly become more efficient, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and achieve greater peace of mind by knowing where and how their valuable assets are being utilized. Be a part of the next IoT revolution and become a CloudHawk partner today.

CloudHawk takes your business further

High-growth market

High-growth market

IoT applications are rapidly growing in many different industries including transportation, construction, utilities, government, and more. Capitalize on the growing need for tracking and monitoring solutions.

Flexible revenue opportunities

Flexible revenue opportunities

CloudHawk enables different types of organizations through flexible revenue opportunities including sales commissions, recurring revenue opportunities, hardware resale opportunities, and more.

Long-term viability

Long-term viability

Have complete trust in a superior IoT solution with innovative and scalable technology infrastructure. With CloudHawk you can be sure that the technology you are partnered with is always ahead of the curve.

Increase your market opportunities in multiple industries with an industry-leading B2B IoT solution provider

In an effort to provide our customers with truly end-to-end solutions, we are always on the lookout for strategic partnerships with technology offerings that complement our core marketing offerings. As a CloudHawk technology partner, you will be a part of a continuously innovating and fast-growing company, helping to bring your technology to a broader market.

Join a high-growth market and offer your customers an industry-leading IoT solution that helps businesses go further

As a CloudHawk channel partner, you will be well supported in capitalizing on our growing market opportunity by offering your customers a solution that has unique and innovative capabilities, offers better performance and value than the competition and is accompanied by exceptional support from a customer-driven team. We provide everything you need to be a successful CloudHawk reseller or hardware installer, including detailed upfront and on-going product training, and offer several program types to suit your specific business type:

  • The Referral Partner Program allows individuals and businesses globally to receive commission on sales from business generated.
  • The Reseller Program is available to businesses that are interested in reselling CloudHawk
  • The Dealer Partner Program enables organizations that are already selling related products to buy CloudHawk hardware at a dealer preferred cost.
  • The Installer Partner Program allows experienced hardware installers to grow their sales by providing on-site installation to CloudHawk customers.

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