FSMA Compliance

Monitoring your reefers is now an
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Multi-zone, reliable temperature monitoring

A GPS tracking and temperature monitoring solution that makes FSMA compliance easy

In an effort to prevent food safety issues, the FDA introduced the Food Safety Modernization Act, which came into effect in April 2018 for both small businesses of less than $500,000 revenue and for larger enterprise companies. The new regulations aim to prevent food safety issues that arise due to improper temperatures in transportation and unsanitary conditions.

Now, the entire supply chain – from shippers and loaders to receivers and carriers – are responsible for ensuring that the proper, defined conditions for transporting human and animal food are monitored, maintained and recorded from warehouse to delivery CloudHawk’s industry-leading trailer tracking and condition monitoring solution makes it simple for businesses to become FSMA compliant. Compact tracker devices are easily installed inside your refrigerated trailers and can be placed in multiple zones to track different temperature ranges. Once the devices are installed, you can monitor your entire fleet from the intuitive, user-friendly CloudHawk web-based portal.

CloudHawk's temperature monitoring solution keeps your perishable goods safe and your business compliant

Real-time temperature tracking in multiple zones

Real-time temperature tracking in multiple zones

CloudHawk's purpose-designed wireless IoT sensors report accurate temperature and humidity updates in real-time in seconds.

Detailed historical temperature reports

Detailed historical temperature reports

From the CloudHawk cloud-based web portal, you can view detailed historical trip activity complete with journey and temperature data.

Easy setup & installation

Easy setup & installation

CloudHawk’s compact, discreet hardware is easily installed inside a reefer truck or other refrigerated trailer, and pair with CloudHawk’s portal. Temperature sensors transmit data in near real-time.

The time is now to become FSMA compliant!

The time is now to become FSMA compliant!

CloudHawk provides transport companies with an innovative solution that provides multi-zone, real-time in seconds temperature monitoring that meets FSMA requirements. Real-time notifications are automatically sent when temperatures go outside of a pre-defined range, which benefits your business by preventing cargo spoilage or load rejection leading to substantial cost savings. Additional optional sensors further enhance the solution and customized reporting provides the required proof of trip summaries. CloudHawk offers a trusted and highly referred solution providing unmatched reliability and continuous innovation.

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Becoming FSMA compliant is easy with CloudHawk!

Get the temperature monitoring solution that is quick to deploy, easy to use, and always reliable.

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Full visibility with multi-zone temperature monitoring

Multi-zone temperature monitoring enables different temperature ranges to be set and monitored within a trailer

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Immediate notifications

Drivers and dispatch receive immediate notifications when temperatures go out of a pre-defined range

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Door sensors for added protection

Optional door sensors ensure doors are not left open and provide added visibility into people entering and exiting the trailer

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Fleet monitoring made simple

The cloud-based portal enables dispatch to track location and conditions from one screen

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Reports available anytime

Historical temperature and journey reports accessible via the Portal

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Flexible installation options

Wired or wireless installation options include self-installed or professional installation

Prior to deploying CloudHawk, our business didn't have any visibility of our temperature-sensitive high-value goods being sent globally. We have saved a lot of time, reduced risks, and are now far more efficient. We now have 24/7 visibility of our shipments including both location and temperatures along with real-time alerts if temperatures move outside of our target range. Pricing was competitive, product easy to set up and use.

– Globyz Pharma
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