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Track your critical resources together on one screen anytime, from any device

CloudHawk's purpose-built technology enables businesses to track fleets and critical assets in real-time in seconds, view analytics, and make better decisions.

CloudHawk's Ultra-Sense GPS trackers, portal and apps, and sensors were designed from the ground up to deliver reliable, accurate location and condition data for fleets and assets. With advanced analytics at your fingertips and world-class customer support, you can count on CloudHawk's suite of end-to-end solutions to help your business operate more efficiently, become more productive, and keep critical resources more secure.

Brands that depend on CloudHawk to track their assets

Maple Lodge Farms
Moosehead Breweries

The CloudHawk RTLS Advantage

Along with providing unparalleled customer support, CloudHawk delivers purpose-built, industry-leading GPS trackers, industrial-strength IoT sensors, and a user-friendly software portal & apps to give you invaluable RTLS tracking data, available 24/7 and housed in a secure cloud-based platform.

Compact, intelligent, tough RTLS tracking devices.

What's the point of having GPS tracking devices if you can't hide them, they don't update in real-time, or they break easily?
CloudHawk's GPS Real-Time Location Tracking System hardware is designed in-house and is purposefully engineered to be compact, easy-to-hide, and tough enough to withstand almost any condition.

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RTLS Hardware
Portal & Apps

Powerful, cloud-based, intuitive software.

CloudHawk's powerful and user-friendly web-based and mobile portals enable you to stay connected to your most valuable resources anytime, from anywhere. With position updates several times per minute, you can view the locations of all RTLS trackers in near real-time on a single screen using a Google Maps interface. Designed from the ground up to deliver greater accuracy, security, and reliability.

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Purposefully designed industrial IoT sensors.

Deploying CloudHawk RTLS solutions future-proofs your efforts and gives you the flexibility of adding high-performance industrial IoT sensors, further expanding the visibility you have into your fleet's activities. CloudHawk IoT sensors include door position status, temperature, humidity, trailer cargo, and more. Sensors can be set to trigger automatic alerts and notifications when conditions go outside of pre-defined ranges, enabling your team to act quickly and make better business decisions.

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Less Expensive, No Time Lag & Great Service

I was already using a tracking system to estimate ETAs for customers and track time on jobs. I changed to CloudHawk because it is more accurate, less expensive, and doesn’t have the time lag. It’s a lot easier to use and the great service is also a big plus.

– Alex, Field Service
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