3G Sunset 4G/5G Migration

Optimize Operations with the power of 4G/5G

Now is the time to upgrade to CloudHawk expertise and advanced technology!

The 3G network shutdown presents an opportunity to enhance your telematics and fleet operations performance with the power of 4G and 5G technology!

Wireless network providers must constantly evolve their technology to provide faster and more reliable service. With limited bandwidth available, older technology must be discontinued in order to support technological innovation and evolution. Consequently, wireless providers in the U.S. have been sunsetting 3G services to make way for new generations of technology, specifically 4G (LTE) and 5G.

This is a huge opportunity to optimize your fleet & asset tracking operations!

What does this mean for your business?

As carriers have shut down their 3G infrastructure, it is becoming increasingly difficult for older cellular and IoT devices to communicate over wireless networks. Impacted devices will include much more than just older cell phones, as tablets, smartwatches, security systems, medical equipment, and many other IoT devices will lose connectivity. 
For Transportation and other sectors that need to track vehicles and assets, your 3G telematics devices such as GPS trackers and sensors are also at risk. If you lose connection, you risk losing vital data. The lack of data and insight into your operations increases the risks of service interruption, theft, cargo spoilage, safety concerns, and compliance violations. Any 3G telematics devices should be migrated to a next-generation solution to avoid the risk of losing connection and data.

Don't risk losing vital data due to the 3G sunset!

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It's time to upgrade to next generation technology.

CloudHawk offers the most advanced 4G and 5G-capable telematics devices, which will get you ready for the future while protecting your investment.

The CloudHawk team of engineers, with extensive and specialized experience in wireless communications, has developed one of the most advanced IoT devices. These telematics devices can connect to 5G networks when available, and are currently optimized to harness the power of 4G for all other coverage areas. Network providers have committed that 4G LTE will be available for at least the next decade and will coexist with the next generation 5G network. CloudHawk technology can transition seamlessly and future updates can be done over-the-air.

By upgrading now, you'll be getting the power of both 4G and 5G without having to fund future investment. So, while it may seem like a bit of an inconvenience to have to upgrade from 3G now, it’s unavoidable as 3G services reach EOL, and it's a safe investment in an unlimited future of telematics!

Upgrading all of your telematics technology to CloudHawk 4G/5G devices will deliver enhanced performance, reliability, and service. The benefits of the next 4G generation of wireless technology include:

CDH 248 WEB new page3Gsunset 4Gmigration benefits icons faster

Faster performance

4G provides 25Mb/s download speed vs 144Kb/s on 3G

CDH 248 WEB new page3Gsunset 4Gmigration benefits icons bandwidth

Increased bandwidth

200Mb/s bandwidth vs 2Mb/s on 3G

CDH 248 WEB new page3Gsunset 4Gmigration benefits icons connectivity

Greater connectivity

4G helps keep your devices connected both in indoor and outdoor settings

CDH 248 WEB new page3Gsunset 4Gmigration benefits icons battery

Extended battery life

4G provides a stronger signal so your devices won't waste battery power trying to detect and connect to that signal.

CDH 248 WEB new page3Gsunset 4Gmigration benefits icons cost

Cost efficiencies

Better connectivity means better utilization of resources

CDH 248 WEB new page3Gsunset 4Gmigration benefits icons data

Better for data-intensive tasks

Faster speeds and more bandwidth will enable your telematics solution to collect and transfer data more without draining your battery

CDH 248 WEB new page3Gsunset 4Gmigration benefits icons security

Improved security

Data sent over 4G networks is encrypted making it more secure than 3G

CDH 248 WEB new page3Gsunset 4Gmigration benefits icons future

Future-proof technology

4G LTE will be available for at least a decade and will coexist with the next generation 5G network

How do I optimize for 4G/5G Operations?

Current Customers:

Current Customers:

Once you identify your 3G devices, it’s time to develop a plan for 4G/5G migration.

Given the pending EOL for 3G devices, it’s important not to delay a migration plan. CloudHawk customers can rest assured that our next generation devices are purpose-engineered to keep you connected to your fleet vehicles and critical resources. We will work with customers individually to develop custom upgrade plans in order to ensure a seamless migration to 4G/5G technology. If you're ready to upgrade, or want to learn more, please contact your sales representative or fill out the “Let’s Talk 4G/5G” form below to start the planning process.


Not a CloudHawk Customer?:

Not a CloudHawk Customer?:

If your telematics devices are currently deployed through another provider, evaluate their next-generation technology options. Switch to CloudHawk if your current provider isn’t ready.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do they offer 4G and 5G-enabled technology for all of your telematics device needs?
  • Are the devices available plug-and-play ready and wired to meet your unique needs?
  • Can devices maintain a connection in any environment, including built-up cities and weak signal areas?
  • Are devices able to self-monitor activity requirements, reducing data transmission costs and extending battery life?

CloudHawk 4G/5G telematics devices deliver all of the above, plus the opportunity to future-proof your operations with IoT sensors and free optional API data integration. As long as you’re upgrading your technology, this might be the perfect time to improve your entire fleet & asset tracking technology. Fill out the “Let’s Talk 4G/5G” form below to learn more.

Let's talk 4G/5G!

CloudHawk can help you turn the 3G sunset into opportunity and make your transition to 4G and 5G technology as seamless as possible.

We will work with you to figure out a migration plan that suits your business needs and timelines.

Don't risk losing vital data and service.

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